Fedwen Fawr Farm Pod Camping Holiday

Fedwen Fawr Farm comprises 300 acres of arable and mountain pastures.  Part of the land is covered with woods and the undulating vista provides ample variety whatever your outdoor pursuit is.

166742_458653537539163_1289372407_nAt the southern heights you can walk or cycle up the farm track and marvel on the breath-taking expanse of the beaches of Swansea Bay. Walk to the north of the estate and you quickly find yourself in the dense woods and steep hillsides of the Afan Valley.

Drop down to the bottom of the valley and you join the cycle track to Afan Forest Park and the mountain bike trails that challenge the best in the world.

Fedwen Fawr is ideally situated in the western valleys of South Wales giving you the opportunity to reach all the splendid coastline and countryside that Wales has to offer.

New to Pod Camping
This is the first year for Fedwen Fawr and the team that run pod camping on the farm and all the facilities are brand new.

They have thought long to make sure that whatever the purpose for your visit you will find all you need for mountain biking, walking, and all the other outdoor sports that can be done in the area and there are lots of them to choose from.

Fedwen Fawr Farm History
The farm itself goes back hundreds of years, starting with agriculture and dipping into industrial activities from the 20th century with a coal mine on the estate.

The Romans
Yes there are many areas around the farm where evidence of roman occupation can be seen from a burial ground to four Roman forts.  Yes the Welsh were giving the Romans a problem back then!

The Drovers
Along pone edge of the farm land runs a drovers trail or Parish road.  Cattle, sheep and geese were walked along this road by drovers to markets in Cardiff and London.  You can explore these trails and see how life was.  At the North West heights of the farm you can see the remnants of a drovers rest or pub where after a long day walking the drover would put his feet up ready for the next trek.

Today’s Fedwen Fawr
Today the farm is one of meadows, sheep, cattle and stables for local riders to keep their animals.

The farm is a more restful place for recreation where you stay with the new pod accommodation.

Enjoy the life that Eric and Marian have pleasure in sharing with you, of open vistas from beaches to woods, from meadows to steep sided valley.  The 300 acre farm is there to enjoy and get away from the city.

Farm Animals and Wildlife at Fedwen Fawr
Rising early from your bed be sure to take your camera as you walk around the farm.

Deer move quietly through the undergrowth whilst foxes stalk rabbits and hares for a quick meal.  High above buzzards and red kites scan the hedgerows for quarry and a meal for the chicks back in their nests.

All you need is a voiceover from David Attenborough and you have your own wildlife program.

Other than the farm animals Fedwen Fawr is teeming with wildlife and birds from owls to thrushes, buzzards to red kites.

Take a trip to the beach (4 miles away) and you can marvel at the comical Sanderlings running up and down the tideline looking for morsels of food.

You can jump into the car and drive 20 miles west to the Llanelli Wetland Centre for a day out with the family.

Book a Pod Camping Holiday
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The Countryside Code 2012
So you and others can enjoy the countryside here is the latest countryside code.

Respect – Protect – Enjoy


  • Be Safe – plan ahead and follow any signs
  • Leave gates and property as you find them
  • Protect plants and animals, and take your litter home
  • Keep dogs under close control
  • Consider other people